Summer School 2018/2019


Summer School (10th June – 2th July 2019)

7th edition



The course is divided into three modules, that you can access separately. In the first two modules, the main features and aspects regarding the softwares Ableton Live and Max Msp / Jitter (with particular reference to the interaction among various art forms like music, video and dance ) will be addressed. During the lessons, different techniques for synthesis and elaboration of sound and interfaces dedicated to live performance, will be dealt with appropriately. Students will be involved in practical experiences and exercises with regard to music composition and improvisation. At the end of the courses will be organized some music, video and dance performances and within the program of these events, pieces composed by the students will be also performed. In the third module, some of the orchestration techniques related to contemporary music (with particular reference to film industry) will be discussed. At the end of the course, students will receive a certificate of attendance from the University of Rome Tor Vergata, indicating the modules which they attended. Students that will realize the project work, will achieve up to 9 college credits (CFU), according to attended courses.


Module 1 – audio / video performance with Max and Jitter (3CFU)

Composition with Max Msp

– introduction to Max Msp

– control and audio signals

– patches and objects

– debugging

– how to create user interface and tools in presentation mode

– extras menu

– computer and hardware configuration

Composition with Jitter

– Introduction to video signals

– introduction to matrices

– features and arguments in Jitter objects

– data type in Jitter: char, long, float32

– how to create a matrix

– matrices and mathematics

– ARGB colors

– working with audio and video in real time

– video effects

– controlling video through audio and MIDI

– 3D modelling

Module 2 – Composition Techniques between Art and Popular Music (3CFU)

The aim of this module is to provide the students the basics of electroacoustic music composition in different styles. In particular, lessons will focus on analysis of compositional forms in computer music, so we can identify analogies and differences between genres related to art electronic music or popular electronic music.

The list of subjects is as follows:

– Technical listening in popular and art music

– Forms and gestures in art and popular electronic music

– Ableton Live: main features, tools for composition and music production

– Creation of composition structures in various styles with Ableton LIve

– Basics of mixing and mastering

Module 3 – Orchestration Techniques in contemporary Film Music (3CFU)

In this module some orchestration techniques used in contemporary film music industry will be described and analyzed. Students can choose one of the following activities:

a) Composition and orchestration of an original sound track on assigned video

b) Orchestral rehearsals and final concert, linked to the music composed in the activity mentioned at point “a”

c) Amplification and recording of an Orchestra performance linked to the activity mentioned in point “b”


Artistic Performances

During the Summer School, participants will be involved in the organization and realization of some multimedia concerts (including music, video and dance). Concerts will take place in the following dates:

– Wednesday 26th June, 6pm – Sala Accademica del Conservatorio Santa Cecilia di Roma, via dei Greci 18, Roma

– Friday 28th June, 8pm – Accademia Filarmonica Romana

– Tuesday 2th July, 5pm – Auditorium “Ennio Morricone”, via Columbia 1, Università di Roma Tor Vergata, Roma

Within the program of concert of 2th july, also works composed by students of Summer School will be performed.



Are allowed to attend the Summer School, students in possession of High School DIploma.


Registration Fee

It is possible to enroll separately in any module of the Summer School. Participation to Summer School requires the payment of enrollment fee according to the following indications:

Module 1 (3CFU): € 150

Module 2 (3CFU): € 150

Module 3 (3CFU): € 200

Module 1+ Module 2 (6CFU): € 200

Module 1+Module2+ Module 3 (9CFU): € 350

The registration fee has to be paid before the 30th of May 2019, through credit transfer made out to:

– Università degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”, Unicredit Bank

– IBAN: IT26X0200805168000400695175

– purpose of the payment: Registration to the Summer School PERFORMING THE SPACE 2019.

Participation to the Summer School is free of charge for students of Master in Sonic Arts


Registration procedure

People interested in enroll in our courses can fill the enrollment module and send it to the e-mail no later than Thursday 30th May 2019.

the following documents need to be enclosed to the e-mail:

Enrollment Module

Receipt of payment

Curriculum Vitae

Wallet size photo

Self Certification or certificate of High School Diploma