Director: Giovanni Costantini. The Master in Sonic Arts program is designed to train graduate students in the implementation and management of musical products in the arts, with particular emphasis on technologies for music composition and all forms of entertainment. Sonic Arts graduates will build their careers in fields ranging from arts to technologies focusing on music composition and sound engineering. The program offers three curriculum areas covering the full range of disciplines in today’s sound environment: Music, Technology and Archival Techniques. In particular, this degree enhances careers centered in sound processing, sound design, composition and techniques related to music information retrieval from audio and audio-video archives. The Master in Sonic Arts can be completely achieved in online mode.



Sound is considered today an integral part of many important artistic expressions. From concerts to multimedia, dance, theater, film, and television, these are considered arts of sound and their production requires the collaboration of sound experts, in both the artistic

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The Master in Sonic Arts offers a huge number of courses, covering different aspects of music and new technologies. The programs of the courses are┬áregularly updated, taking into account the latest news in audio, music and new technologies.    

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The Master in Sonic Arts benefits from the collaboration of many national and international partners, providing students with the possibility to experience working in a wide variety of professional and academic environments. For more details see the section below.

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Master in Sonic Arts (english version). Director: Giovanni Costantini. To enroll in our Master, kindly fill the application form by clicking the button below


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