Technologies and techniques for audio mastering

History of audio mastering and transfer
Evolution of mastering: business and social levels
Loudness war
Structure of a mastering chain: analog, digital, mixed
Choice of parameters: Tracking, Mixing, Mastering
Concepts of level, volume, dynamics
Tools and Units
Peak meter, VU Meter, Meter Pan, Phase scope
Dynamic treatment: dynamic processors, compressors, expanders, downward processors, upward processors, transient designers
Parallel compression
Dynamic treatment: mastering EQ, high pass filter in the chain mastering, DC offset e correction mode
Treatment Space: reverb in the mastering stage of processing, image correction
Using the distortion in the mastering: harmonic distortion, tape saturation
Mastering M / S
Mastering for vinyls
Structure of the CD: physical structure, protocol encryption, red book
Toc and editing of the CD track list: ISR codes, CD text codes, code EAN / UPC
Mastering for Broadcast