Luigi Sansò

He studies piano, composition and computer music at CPM (Milan). He attends classes of acoustics, recording techniques, psychoacoustics. He is chief engineer at CDM recording studios. During his career, he deals with recording and experimentation in the field of discography. He leads courses of mixing techniques, mastering and audio system dedicated to broadcasting. In the A.A. 2008/2009 he taught “sound design, encoding and compression of the sound” at the Master in Sound Engineering of the “Tor Vergata” University of Rome; from 2005 to 2009 he has collaborated with the University of Calabria within the program of the course in “digital music and musical communication”. He is author of books related to audio system in radiophonic broadcasting, mixing techniques, mastering, audio editing. He holds posts as audio consultant in forensic field. He has collaborated with “Politecnico di Milano”, “Sound and music computing lab” of the department of electronics and information technology, for the courses of “studio session”. He has worked with the “Image and sound processing group” a research team that develops new technologies and softwares for music.

He collaborates as teacher with:

– SAE institute, for the course of “sound engineering applied to the forensic field”

– CPM institute , for the courses of “pro audio engineering”, “spectral editing” and “sound processing”

– Comics international School, for the courses of “sound design and music composition for cinema and cartoons”