Studio mixing techniques

Studio Mixing Techniques & Technologies


    • Mixing: general approach
    • DAW¬†(key features for mixing)
    • Dynamics Processing
    • Compression Controls and Functionality
    • Compressor Types, Demonstrations, and Comparisons
    • Assignment


Equalization tech:

    • History, Theory, Application
    • EQ Types
    • Reverb and Delays
    • Reverbs: Parameters
    • Different Reverbs Cubase and other important one


Dynamics Processing:

    • How to work with them
    • Compressor, expander, limiter and gate
    • Limiting and Loudness Maximization
    • Noise Gating and Expansion
    • Use of Side-Chains
    • Multi-Band Compression¬† and Limiting


Other FXs


VCA, Group channel and routing for mixing


Groove mixing techniques:

    • Drum Equalization, Compression, Gating, Editing, Leveling, and Grouping
    • Mixing MIDI Drums versus Acoustic Drum
    • Drum Sound Replacement and Sample
    • Drum Timing Correction


Drums and Bass mixing techniques

    • Drums and bass techniques
    • Special bass frequencies organization and mixing


Instrument mixing techniques

    • Mixing Strings, Synthesized and Guitars


Vocal mixing techniques

    • Vocals for the Mix: Vocal Editing and tuning and Time correction
    • Vocal EQ, Dynamic, Gain-Setting, Leveling
    • FX Processing


Different mixing techniques for different types of music