MIDI and sequencing

Introduction to the use of computers
Introductory remarks on the use of computers (operating systems PC / Mac)
What we want to make music with a computer (computer, sound card, master keyboard, midi interface, etc. ..)
Sound cards: drivers and latency

Basic principles of communication via MIDI
History of the MIDI protocol
Definition and description
Electrical characteristics
Serial data transmission

Specific features of the MIDI protocol
Structure of the MIDI protocol
Concept of channel
Control word
Channel messages
Events of note on and note off
Messages After Touch
Control Change messages
Program Change messages
Messages Poly Presure
Pitch Bend messages
System Messages
Common System Messages
System Exclusive messages
Real Time Location System

Use of the MIDI protocol expert and its advanced use
MIDI instruments (VST / Hardware Tools)
Connection Problems
MIDI interface with a computer
Introduction to MIDI software

Exercises with MIDI instruments
Knowledge and use of software sequencers: Steinberg Cubase 5, Ableton Live
Structural analysis of a music track MIDI (midi files and general midi)
Programming rhythm tracks
Programming tool
Programming step by step and real time

Midi mixer
Creation and arrangement of a song MIDI
Synchronization codes (MIDI clock, MIDI time code)